What’s the deal?

Yep, this happened.
Yep, this happened.

This blog will be a space for:

  • Practicing with WordPress, so I learn how to do things online so I don’t royally mess up other websites
  • An online gym for strengthening thinking and reflection about organizing and movement work
  • An outlet for sharpening and exercising my writing
  • An accountability tool for making sure that I’m not thinking about organizing all the damn time, but am living a whole, fulfilling life. Every few posts there should be some non-organizing content (even though everything is about organizing one way or another)

I’m a 27-year old White, Jewish, New Yorker, middle class, straight guy organizer, currently working in the Fight For 15 in Atlanta, Georgia, working on coalition-building and communications. I’m also the communications chair in our local Jobs With Justice. Before that I was living in Cleveland, Ohio, organizing with the Ohio Student Association to build up our presence and power in Northeast Ohio and tackle issues around the cost of college, student loans, racial justice issues on campus, and the school to prison pipeline. Before that I’ve served as an Americorps VISTA with neighborhood groups and a feminist workers’ organization, and went to school in Oberlin, Ohio. I grew up in Inwood, hence the blog name. Before that, my mom and dad made me.

Outside of work I am affianced to the love of my life, and I dig reading, biking, cooking, travel, Star Wars and sci-fi more generally, and good music (most especially hip hop, though country is growing on me). I’m working on bringing dedicated study and more creative pursuits back into my life, and trying to get better at webbie stuff. You can catch me on twitter at @joelfrominwood and the campaign I’m with at @ATLRaiseUp.


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